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Jeff McNeal Voice Demos


Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeff McNeal has been voicing promos on the local, regional, national and international level for over three decades.  In recent years, his voice has been featured on CNN, as the signature promo voice for CNN original programming and series, including "The 50th Anniversary of The JFK Assassination" Special, "Blackfish" "The Sixties", "The Seventies" and "Back To The Beginning with Christiane Amanpour" as well as various other projects when Cable News Network wants to differentiate itself.   Jeff's work on the campaign for the CNN series "The Seventies" won the 2016 Emmy Award in the Outstanding Promotional Announcement category.

Jeff's promo reads for CNN carry the kind of gravitas that can only be developed over a lifetime of doing voice work.  CNN chooses Jeff McNeal when a compelling presence is required that can match the richness and depth of a James Earl Jones.   Jeff is pleased to be one of CNN's "go to" guys" when they are showcasing their original programming and are looking to make an impact.  Available on short notice with his ISDN equipped recording studio, using only the highest quality sound tools, Jeff McNeal has earned his well-deserved reputation as a serious, dedicated professional who is extremely easy to work with, efficient during the sessions requiring minimal if any direction, lightning fast with file delivery after the session and most importantly, possesses a seasoned, authoritative voice that commands attention and draws viewers in.

Jeff McNeal is an established, reliable, trusted and proven Voice Over talent who speaks your language and understands the subtle nuances of direction.  To hear more examples of Jeff's radio, television or web based commercial voice over work and why you should book him for your next project, use the player on this page or visit the YouTube link at the top of this page.  To immediately arrange for an audition or booking, contact Jeff for an immediate response.  Audition copy may also be submitted at once using our contact form.

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