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In the new millennium, Jeff McNeal's voice has been heard by literally hundreds of millions of television viewers worldwide:   As the daily signature promo voice for KNBC-TV Los Angeles for nearly a decade and throughout the United States and around the world on CNN where he continues to distinguish the station with his uniquely recognizable, contemporary promo work.  An accomplished master of voice over with movie trailers, national and international commercials to his credit, Jeff is able to instantly interpret the copy and provide the precise delivery as intended by the writer without need for direction.  The following are numerous examples of his extensive news promo work taken from the last decade.

Jeff McNeal is also the voice of many smaller market television stations throughout the country.   Call or e-mail today to discuss fulfilling your needs and stand out from your local competition.  Jeff's seasoned delivery will break through the clutter with an imaging voice that is capable of expressing any shade of human reasoning.  From commanding to compassionate.  From forceful to friendly.  No market is too large or too small.  Contact us today to arrange for a custom demo for your television station or network and elevate your game with a proven, reliable leader in the voice industry.  Quotes for monthly service or longer contracts are available via our contact form, custom tailored to television news imaging inquiries.

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Offering Voice Imaging, News Voice Imaging, TV Voice Imaging, Station Voice Imaging and Radio Imaging.


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