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Jeff McNeal Voice Demos

Voice Over Imaging for Television and Radio Station Voice Imaging

Jeff McNeal's state-of-the-art private recording studio.


A serious VO professional needs serious studio equipment.  As a major market voice talent whose voice as been chosen to grace some of the best known commercials, promos, television cable networks and movie trailers in recent years, nothing but the best will do for Jeff McNeal's clients.   His studio features a sound-proof Gold Series enclosure by Vocal Booth, a Neumann U-47 type tube microphone and a variety of professional sound tools.  To insure a smooth session, redundant gear is standing by and available as backup so in the unlikely event of equipment failure, your session will proceed uninterrupted.  We understand that time is money and seek to work as efficiently as possible for our clients.

When you need your finished product in a hurry, but need to direct the session, there is no quicker way to deliver an imaging, promo or trailer voice remotely than with ISDN.  As the daily signature promo voice for KNBC-TV Los Angeles for nearly a decade, up to four ISDN sessions with the station per day were typical.  When movie trailers are in production, ISDN is an essential tool still used by many trailer houses for the fastest turnaround.  In busy commercial productions, ad agencies still rely on ISDN.  Jeff uses the industry standard Telos Zephyr XStream rack mounted ISDN codec for the highest possible audio quality.   If you're in need of affordable, major market talent with all the best tools to get the job done when turnaround time is critical, working with Los Angeles voice over actor Jeff McNeal couldn't be easier.

Voice Over Imaging for Television and Radio Station Voice Imaging

Offering Voice Imaging, News Voice Imaging, TV Voice Imaging, Station Voice Imaging and Radio Imaging.


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