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Jeff McNeal Voice Demos


Hands down the best and easiest VO guy I've ever worked with in my long career through many markets.

--Ginger Zumeta - Creative Services Director


Now your local television station can be branded by the same voice heard  by literally hundreds of millions of television viewers worldwide:   What Jeff McNeal did for KNBC-TV Los Angeles for nearly a decade as one of their longest running signature promo voices in station history, and what he is currently doing for CNN - where he has helped brand CNN original programming like "The 60's" series,  "Blackfish" and more, he is ready to do for your local TV station with his uniquely recognizable, contemporary promo work, perfect for capturing the attention and imagination of your target demo before, during and after the sweeps. 

A professional announcer since the age of 18, Jeff McNeal has decades of experience and is an accomplished master of voice over, with movie trailers (including one of the top 5 highest grossing films of all time), along with national and international television and radio commercials to his credit.   Jeff also has years of experience and is currently working with local stations in markets all across the country and knows your industry.  

Jeff is able to instantly interpret the copy and independently provide the precise delivery as intended by the writer with the highest quality, lowest noise voice tracks that are ready to be dropped into AVID or whatever your video editor of choice happens to be.   Making your job easier is his job. 

Having Jeff McNeal as your staff announcer is like having five different announcers for the price of one.  He is able to alter the texture and tonal characteristics of his voice to suit any promo, whether it's gritty and edgy for your hard hitting investigative reporting, warm, friendly and inviting for your morning show promos, epic and dramatic for sweeps promos or empathetic and sincere for your human interest stories.  As a consummate voice acting pro, Jeff can either sound like a polished announcer or a regular guy next door, whatever the copy calls for.  Give your station the competitive advantage it deserves with this major market voice talent pro at the peak of his skills for affordable monthly rates based on your market size and frequency of recordings. 

Contact Jeff today to arrange for a custom audition for your television station and be sure to mention this site to your station promotions and marketing director.  For all new station sign-ups mentioning this page, Jeff will record all your get-ahead liners at no additional cost to get the ball rolling!

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