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Jeff McNeal Voice Demos


Based in Los Angeles, California, Jeff McNeal is one of a small handful of voice actors who has risen to the top of the industry as a recognized movie trailer voice...  beginning in 2006 voicing countless independent film trailers, before going national with Michael Keaton's "Game 6".  In subsequent years, Jeff's voice has appeared on several theatrical campaigns for 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Focus Features, Universal Pictures, Lions Gate Films and more.  But Jeff's best known work in voicing trailers has been through multiple campaigns for Walt Disney Pictures, including "Winnie The Pooh" and "Beauty And The Beast".  Jeff McNeal's voice is the first thing heard by hundreds of millions alone on the highest grossing animated feature of all time, Disney's "Frozen"

Jeff is extremely versatile, moving easily between film genres, to deliver the exact read that producers keep coming back to.  Available on short notice with his ISDN equipped recording studio, using only the highest quality sound tools, Jeff McNeal has earned his well-deserved reputation as a serious, dedicated professional who is easy to work with from scratch to final.

Jeff McNeal is a recognized, reliable, trusted and proven Voice Over talent who speaks your language and understands the subtle nuances of direction.  To hear more examples of Jeff's movie trailer voice over work and why you should book him for your next project, click the YouTube link at the top of this page.  To immediately arrange for a scratch or booking, call 213-245-1735.  Audition copy may also be submitted at once using our contact form.

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